What is Instructagram?

Inspiration can come from anywhere—a long walk, the ocean, a song, but it rarely includes instructions. Enter Instructagram, a web-based technology developed for step by step inspiration sharing. Using a series of pictures, or iGrams, Instructagram can inspire you to bake an apple pie, change the look of a room, or take the trip you’ve always dreamed of – and then show you how to do it.

By creating an iGram, a publisher (you) can share a project, describe a wardrobe or re-live a treasured occasion. Others will learn new things or find the best places to shop, and the publisher can earn points towards online purchases.

What is an iGram?

An iGram is a series of photographs stitched together to tell a story. The story can be how-to about a greeting card you made for your best friend, about the new skirt you bought that can be used with a series of sweaters and accessories, or it can be story about a recent trip spent with a loved one. Share how-to’s, uses and stories through pictures on Instructagram.

Share. Earn. Learn.

Remember the dot-to-dot puzzles of your childhood? You started with number “1” and drew a line numerically until you reached the final number. To your surprise, what once was a bunch of unrelated dots became a fish with gills, dorsal fins and all. Instructagram took its inspiration from the dot-to-dot puzzle and added pictures. You can share how you retiled your bathroom using dot-to-dot pictures. In some cases, you may want to highlight—or tag—a step in the process and on Instructagram, you can do that. Upload your handiwork, share it—on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email—and show your friends how to decorate a room with the best of them. After you share your handiwork with your friends, Instructagram will share theirs—by tying relevant products into your iGram. And that’s where you can earn points to be used at select online retail stores.

Another scenario - you have a love for clothes. In fact, your friends have anointed you with the title, “fashionista” - but you’re a college student with a limited income. Rather than take out a loan to finance your reputation, publish a series of iGrams with styles that gave you your title. Become an internet sensation and make your clothes work for you. Once you create your clothing collage, Instructagram will create a shopping experience. That sweater that you love now directs your friends, and friends of friends, to several approved online retailers where they can get a similar style. They click one of the links on your iGram, buy something, and you can earn enough in points to buy the things you want.

By tying instruction, inspiration and stories into a shopping experience, as viewers read the iGram, they may be inspired to use the same products you feature (utensils, bake ware, fabrics, wall paper, food items, clothing, etc.). If they click the link and buy it from one of our approved online retail channels, you earn a commission.

It’s just that simple.

Creating a how-to

Before Instructagram, if you didn’t have an expensive photo-editing or vector-drawing software, it would be almost impossible to stitch pictures together to show “how-to’s” from A to Z. Now, with the development of the iGram by Instructagram, you can create beautiful tiled pictures of instructions at no cost. And you can earn points to be redeemed at select online retail stores.

Creating an iGram is so simple that, in no time at all, you will have created your first of many. Follow the 7 simple steps below for an opportunity to earn points from sales generated from your creation.

7 Simple Steps

Coming Soon!

Privacy Policy

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Terms of Use

Welcome to Instructagram.com, a “how-to” website that allows you to share ideas, hobbies and interests with others in useful, visually appealing step-by-step pictorials called iGrams. It also allows other Instructagram.com users to share, save and comment on your iGram.

Instructagram makes it easy for you and others to share your iGrams using social media and e-mail. And it provides relevant and comparison shopping opportunities that direct visitors to retail websites where they can purchase the items used in an iGram. As an affiliate advertiser for hundreds of retail sites, Instructagram earns sales commissions that are shared with the creator of an iGram. We refer to the iGram creator as a publisher.

Creating iGrams

The proprietary online process created by Instructagram allows you to create iGrams using your own ideas, photos and words. You, the publisher, retain all of your rights to the content contained in your iGram.

How Instructagram can use your iGram

The publisher of an iGram grants to Instructagram an irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual right and license to use, display, archive, store, distribute, reproduce and create derivative works based upon your iGram, in any form, media, software or technology of any kind now existing or developed in the future. Please remember that Instructagram.com is a public platform, and that many other online users may search for, see, use and share iGrams or any other user content that you make available on Instructagram.com.

How long Instructagram keeps your iGram

Instructagram may retain your iGram and any other user content contained in an Instructagram.com account or on your boards for a commercially reasonable period of time. Instructagram users and other users may continue to retain, display, save and share your iGram or other content that other users of Instructagram.com may have saved to their own boards.

Acceptable Content

Instructagrm.com is an online space where people who are passionate about their interests or hobbies can create and share them with others. In order to maintain the integrity and safety of our website you agree not to post iGrams or other content that:

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